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Menguak Human Trafficking di NTT

Menguak Human Trafficking di NTT

Dearah Perbatasan Indonesia-Malaysia Jalur Perdagangan Manusia. Foto: Google, 2019KOMPAS.com - Gubernur Nusa Tenggara Timur ( NTT) Viktor Bungtilu Laiskodat, langsung mengumumkan moratorium pengiriman tenaga kerja dari wilayahnya ke luar negeri, beberapa saat setelah...

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Just Transition in the Palm Oil Industry: International Webinar

Term of Reference Background The palm oil industry is booming for several reasons, especially the need for investment to increase economic growth. With the paradigm of economic growth, the government sees that the palm oil industry is able to absorb labor and generate...

Just Transition in the Palm Oil Industry – Part 3 (end)

A Just Transition perspective would integrate ecological sustainability and social justice. Photo: Worker’s helmet and fresh fruit bunch, North Sumatra, Indonesia © RAN/OPPUK/Nanang Sujana. Steps towards a Labour Perspective on Just Transition We have seen how...

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