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Keep Forests Standing!

Keep Forests Standing!

Over the last decade, hundreds of major global brands and banks have been pressured to make public commitments to stop deforestation, peatland development and address human rights abuses in supply chains, investments and fnancing portfolios.Over 400 companies in the...

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Just Transition in the Palm Oil Industry – Part 3 (end)

A Just Transition perspective would integrate ecological sustainability and social justice. Photo: Worker’s helmet and fresh fruit bunch, North Sumatra, Indonesia © RAN/OPPUK/Nanang Sujana. Steps towards a Labour Perspective on Just Transition We have seen how...

Just Transition in the Palm Oil Industry – Part 2

The palm oil industry is plagued by land conflicts. Photo: Indigenous farmers block a road to a palm oil plantation and ritually spill pig’s blood in West Kalimantan, Indonesia © Irendra Radjawali Mosaic Landscapes as a Transformative Vision for the Palm Oil Industry...

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