Tentang Tpols


Transnational Palm Oil Labour Solidarity (TPOLS) aims to establish and deepen transnational participation in the regional governance of palm oil industry. Two innovations are key. Firstly, cooperation between labour groups with environmental, human rights or women’ organizations will develop synergies whilst strengthening the voice of grassroots actors. Secondly, this network has a spatially strategic approach based on research with and experience of workers’ and womens’ groups in the sector.

At least three different transnational spatialities will be taken up: (1) migrant networks connecting rural places in Indonesia with plantations and mills in Malaysia; (2) labour and environmental groups working in/on corporations that produce across the region; (3) linking civil society groups vertically within the Global Production Network. These two approaches will be combined in different combinations in the development of concrete modules of cooperation. The modules aim to create concrete forms of transnational cooperation that can contribute to achieving a socially AND environmentally sustainable palm oil industry.


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