Hotline Pengaduan Kasus

Hotline Pengaduan Kasus

Nomor hotline pengaduan masalah bagi pekerja sawit di Indonesia dan Malaysia 1. Malaysia: +60 123350512 dan +60-123395350 (jangkauan Semenanjung Malaysia, oleh Tenaganita).2. Malaysia: +60 19-833 5126 (jangkauan Sabah, Malaysia, oleh Serikat Pekerja Perkebunan Sabah,...

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Just Transition in the Palm Oil Industry – Part 3 (end)

A Just Transition perspective would integrate ecological sustainability and social justice. Photo: Worker’s helmet and fresh fruit bunch, North Sumatra, Indonesia © RAN/OPPUK/Nanang Sujana. Steps towards a Labour Perspective on Just Transition We have seen how...

Just Transition in the Palm Oil Industry – Part 2

The palm oil industry is plagued by land conflicts. Photo: Indigenous farmers block a road to a palm oil plantation and ritually spill pig’s blood in West Kalimantan, Indonesia © Irendra Radjawali Mosaic Landscapes as a Transformative Vision for the Palm Oil Industry...

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